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Speed up your dishwasher repair struggles by outsourcing the work to a professional repair team you can trust.

Based out of Grand Prairie TX, our crew of licensed and insured appliance repair specialists are ready to handle any dishwasher problem you might face.

We offer exceptional services that you won't find anywhere else. We believe we do our job the right way in every aspect - from installing a friendly experience and showcasing respect to all of our clients to using the fairest pricing method in the industry.

Your experience will be straightforward and no surprises will come your way. The beginning of the process is your booking call where we fit you into our schedule. The next part of the journey is finishing the diagnosis and quoting you for the repair. No stress, if the rate doesn't work for your budget it's perfectly fine to pass.

What will you pay if you do order a repair? Our low rates are based around blue book standards, found in the MASPG guide - essentially, there is no concern of us overcharging for any repair. Your costs are labor and parts alone; what we spend on parts is what you pay as well. For those that do not want to follow through with the repair, all that's expected is a small compensation for our repairman's time. If your repair is something super small - since we waive this fee on any ordered repair - it will be incredibly affordable.

We also offer online coupons - take a look and reference them when you contact us. Your repair, no matter the size, will be as affordable as possible when left in the hands of one of our appliance repair professionals.

Sound fair? Give us a call at (817) 383-2630 to plan your repair today!

Helpful tip

Take proper care of your dishwasher by ensuring it is clean at all times. This little effort will increase performance and prevent dishes from coming out dirty. More importantly, it will ensure that debris does not build up at the bottom of your dishwasher. This debris can obstruct the drain hose, pump, mesh gate and other areas. It's recommended that you clean your dishwasher on the inside at least once a week. Further, examine the spinning arms for debris as this can also accumulate and reduce the machine's performance quality.

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