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Grand Prairie freezer repair specialists are ready for you.

We boast a strong team of legitimately certified appliance repair gurus. Our local staff regularly accommodate the needs of both local homeowners and businesses alike. We can fix up your household freezer, a commercial unit or step in and repair a tenant's unit as well.

Getting your repair done doesn't have to be difficult. We will always work around your schedule - let us know when you want to meet when you call and we'll make it happen. Your assigned technician will arrive promptly as per our appointment time.

Upon arrival, we will swiftly work to identify the root cause of your freezer troubles. We will weigh out what parts are required to bring the unit back to working order. The cost will be evaluated and estimated to you based around the cost of parts and labor. You face no other fees and you will literally be charged for parts the amount we have to pay for them. With no upcharges or surprise costs around the corner, you can rest assured that booking a service call with us won't be something you have to regret.

Our repairmen are quick and effective. However, you need not worry about their job completion time as our services are always fairly billed. We abide by the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide to bill reasonably for all labor that we provide.

We're well-versed in repairing all types of freezers. We can fix standard chest freezers, upright models, walk-in units, etc. Our repair techs are fantastic at what they do and have years of experience fixing all different brands, big and small, and even foreign freezer models as well.

Helpful tip

Does it seem that your freezer runs at a colder temperature than normal? If this problem remains steady for long periods, it's generally because of an air gap in the door seal - this small problem can prevent the freezer from ever feeling like it is at optimal operating temperature. In fridge freezers this issue is extra normal as there is usually a bit of an air gap between the two compartments in the fridge. For a standard deepfreeze, you will notice frost buildup around the door if the seal is damaged.

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