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Seeking quick and trustable oven repair help?

If you're located in Grand Prairie TX, our team can help you out. We work with endless locals, residents and business owners alike, for all sorts of appliance troubles. Our team contains quite a few oven and stove/range repair specialists. With great rates, frequent online coupons and professional service - hiring us is a choice you won't regret.

Our reputation in Grand Prairie is unquestionable. We've received countless word-of-mouth referrals due to our solid track record. We believe our untarnished image is the result of two dynamics: we charge great rates and we work fast.

Our low prices are for a reason. There's no surprise down the road, don't worry. When you get the bill from our tech we will ding you for your labor and parts. The cost input for the parts is the same as the cost we incurred when picking it up for you. Pay the same as we do instead of getting charged a premium for nothing. Plus, avoid any service call charge, diagnostics fee or other hidden expenses - just pay straight-up for our tech's labor.

We're capable of repairing all types and makes of ovens. We regularly work on commercial oven units for local restaurants and other businesses. We also work on all residential ovens, including both gas and electric models. Some examples of household brands we've regularly repaired over the years include Electrolux, GE, LG, Samsung and more. Examples of commercial oven unit brands we have experience with include Garland and Thoro.

Do not hesitate to reach out for any oven repair need. We can fix any issue - temperature control problems, ignition failure, self-cleaning causing a stuck door, etc. Whatever your issue, let us know and we'll quickly get the ball rolling.

Our number is (817) 383-2630 - feel free to contact us!

Helpful tip

Be careful cleaning outside your oven. Make sure not to remove the knobs to wipe down the control surface. Unfortunately, your cleaner could drip into the openings and cause wetness on electrical parts inside of your oven which can create an electrocution risk and may lead to parts shorting out. If this does happen, the shorted part must be swapped with a new one to bring your oven back to proper working condition. Additionally, you're better off wiping by hand only and not using any spray-based cleaning solution as they severely reduce your control over where the liquid goes.

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